Tips on Shopping for Plus Size Fashion

The next time you visit the plus size section at wholesale clothing mart, keep these tips in mind for a flattering ensemble. They will keep you looking fabulous at work and play.

Dark Colors: Light and shiny colors will draw attention to problem spots. Dark colors are known to hide shadows that are apparent due to curves. Wearing black will help you look thin and firm. It shapes the contour of your body rather than revealing bumps and dimples.

Rest Evenly: Every woman has a different shape regardless of their dress size. It’s important to make sure that clothing accentuates your curves, rather than pulling tightly on rolls. Wearing clothes that are too tight actually make you look heavier than you are in reality. Clothing should rest gently over your body. Remember that you will be seen from all angles, so look at your backside in the mirror before choosing any items.

Patterns: Stripes are usually something to be avoided when shopping for plus size fashion. Horizontal stripes are an intuitive no-no, but even vertical stripes are less appealing. A fine print such as floral, polka dots and pin stripes hides dimples just like dark solids do.

Suits: For those who are blessed with a large bosom, small lapels look very flattering. You should be able to comfortably move your arms without any tugging or pulling. The jacket should taper just to your waist. Any shorter or longer, and it will look disproportionate. Remember that flaring at the hips will accentuate your bottom.


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